Today the biggest problem that the world is facing is health problem. The main reason is our dependency on machines. Instant, improper food and unproven drugs which are readily available in the market are having serious side effects. In this highly artificial world we have started to be inclined on artificial health and body development as well.

It is true that machineries help in developing a good physic in the form of muscles along with food supplements and steroids but their positive effect is often found to be temporary. It has been often noted that to continue having the said physic, one is required to continue the schedules. It is also seen that often inner strength and fitness are compromised with to have the desired look.

The best method to have the desired curves permanently along with fitness and inner strength without side effects and future hazards is the natural method. For example, riding a cycle every day enhances the calf muscles and reduces fat at the same time. Simple things if noted minutely can make a huge impact on our lives. We normally walk more than 2 kilometers a day without even realizing. Only if we are careful to walk fast whenever we are walking, it stimulates almost all the muscles of our body and improves our body balance. The point is that we can enhance our health even without paying extra attention to it and that too without any side effects.

Free hand exercises if done accurately can give a good shape to our body. However it is impossible to enjoy a body builder body with only free hand exercises.

Swimming is a lovely relaxation but is also a very helpful routine for the body. Breaststrokes do increase the girth of the chest and also give a strong abdomen. Swimming in any form reduces fat and burns a lot of calories. Regular practice of swimming not only keeps the body healthy and fit but also gives a very good shape to it. Proper structured schedules of swimming can enhance the arms, the chest, the abdomen, the thigh muscles and the calf muscles. Barring these direct effects swimming is also a very handy tool to get rid of several diseases. Swimming brings into play most of the important muscles at the same time. Overall it is a great way to remain healthy and to be in a good shape.

Another very important aspect of building muscles which often skips us is the mind factor. A good attractive physical display is often a reflection of the mind. A peaceful happy concentrated mind is the first step to have a good body. We must feel healthy and strong to be actually healthy Bodybuilding steroids and strong. Various mental exercises are must before going for physical work out. It helps our body to be ready to take the strain up front. Mental workout like meditation builds our concentration and makes us peaceful. After having the right balance mentally, if we go for physical exercises, it gives much better results. It has often been noted that even the most strenuous exercises have the least positive effect if we do it forcibly or unwillingly or when we are disturbed. It is extremely important to do what we do happily and gracefully to have the best result.

Therefore it can be said that it is not the machineries and artificial methods only on which we have to depend on for having a well shaped body. We can also have a good healthy body following some well proven natural techniques. The added advantage is that the natural process is completely risk and side effect free.