Wouldn’t you like to be privy to the powerful muscle building secrets of the professional body builders? Through a little research and a lot of questioning, I think I have gained enough information to develop a superior way to build significant muscle mass and strength, and to do so quickly.

The most important secret to building muscle is to consider is how often you train. In order to enable rapid muscle growth, you’re going to need to practice exercises more often than once each week for each body part. No matter what it is that you are trying to improve, playing a guitar, putting technique, or building muscle; you will be required to practice more than once each week in order to succeed.

The second most important muscle building secret is consideration of the length of each training session. More time is not always the best way to build muscle mass. Extended training periods can actually cause damage. You should limit your training workout sessions to no more than 45 minutes. According to researchers, your testosterone levels bottom out after 45 minutes. On average, they peak out at about one-half hour, so limiting your workout sessions to about 30 minutes makes a lot of sense. As testosterone levels decrease, cortisol levels increase. This is the hormone that eats muscle tissue and increases the storage of body fat.

The third important muscle building secret is to add variety to your workout sessions. Cycle your training to avoid having your body adapt to one particular routine. Just about the time that the routine is becoming too easy for your body to perform, change it. This will cause new and different stresses on the muscles, encouraging additional growth. On the other hand, don’t overdo it and switch too often. If you don’t let your body adapt to the routine, you’ll make little progress and be wasting a lot of energy.

According to a number of experts, one of the most Winstrol for sale significant problems that drug-free lifters face is overtraining. Other experts, however, take the opposite position and claim that under training is a bigger problem. Actually, they are both right to an extent. You do need to train hard and push yourself, but not to the point where you are overtraining. When you reach a plateau, back off for a while, but not for too long. If you back off for too much time, you’ll be under training and losing whatever benefit you have already achieved.

The final secret to muscle building should be obvious to all body builders. Regardless of all of your planning, and cycling, variations, none of your routines will help you at all if they are not the right exercises that have been proven to enable muscle growth. The exercises that have proven to be most effective are those that cause you to move your body through space not just move your limbs. Chin ups, pushups, handstand pushups, dips, inverted rows, dead lifts, squats, and single leg squats are perfect examples.